I’ve been studying and practicing art for most of my life. I began early on with an interest in drawing. I maintained that interest through my childhood and during my senior year of high school, I attended art for the majority of the day and was exposed to many the facets of creativity.  I’ve always been attracted to realistic forms of work via drawing or painting.  I found my love for it wouldn’t waver and decided to make this my main practice. After graduating high school, I went to a small local school for awhile but wasn’t happy and decided to move north to Boston. I spent several years in Boston and attended the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley College before I was encourage to move back home after the attack on 911.

In 2009, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the University of South Alabama.  My main area of concentration is in Oil Painting with my secondary being Ceramics.  For some time I was interested in Photography and took it up to the Intermediate level then decided to switch focus to Ceramics.  I still have a love for photography but do no consider myself to be a professional.  The knowledge and skills that I gained from my time studying photography has helped me immensely with my painting as well. I, occasionally, will take on photography clients and that work can be seen on this site as well.

Lately, I have been working steadily with my pottery.  I enjoy building functional pieces and feel this is right in line with my love of the process and realistic approach to my work.  As much as I love pottery,  my goal within the next couple of years is to shift focus and put myself back into painting.  It is my love, and I miss it so.