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Dusting Off…

Dusting Off…

I painted this painting a couple of months ago out of inspiration of a “selfie” that my friend, Christian Kennedy, took of herself.  The picture inspired me to take a second look at Selfies and see how others also inspire me.  From this exploration of my friend’s images, I was able to acquire a collection of images, aka “Selfies” taken of themselves by themselves.  I decided that I wanted to do a series of paintings from the images that I found most appealing and give what I think to be my interpretation of their self evaluation.  It is my plan to complete this series sometime in the near future (haha – yes in my spare time).

Meanwhile, I was informed that the Mobile Arts Council is having their yearly Member’s Show soon and submission of work was due this weekend.  I immediately shut down the idea because I didn’t have any recent work readily available (I usually don’t).  Then I remembered I have this painting.  This show is something that I would really love to be a part of and am excited at the thought that I will have work on a wall again soon.  I miss painting and struggle with finding the time to make money or produce paintings.


It was my plan to wait until I unveiled the series before I showed any paintings from it in person, but I feel that I need to do this now as a means to get me there (painting again).  So, I dusted her off, wiped her down, detailed her edges, gave her a good glazing and she’s ready to show.  I hope Christian enjoys seeing it in person as much as she inspired me to paint it… as well I hope you can make it down to the Mobile Arts Council for the Member’s Show when the time comes.  I will keep you posted on the date when it’s posted.

As always #supportlocal and thank you for all your love!