Now on You Tube!

So, I’ve started recording videos of my work. It was a bit of a hiccup at first but with a few tweaks I was able to get it working. My first video was fun and I learned a lot of lessons throughout.

The video is a montage of 3 different sittings of the same painting. Through the first 2 sittings, my camera wasn’t very good so I apologize for the quality. However, midway through my camera changes and the quality is so much better! The video is almost 7 hours of work compressed into 7 minutes. I’m not sure how many lengthy videos like this that I’ll be doing but I do plan on doing many more videos in the future and experimenting and letting the world a glimpse into my studio. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!  As they say, please “like”, subscribe and share my video!  <3 Lisa

Here’s the finished painting: