Oil Painting

Bloom - Paintings 2017

This is a short video of a small painting! I gave a quick commentary on it as to why and what I’m doing. Thanks so much for watching and please share!    
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Azalea - Paintings 2017

My hometown is nicknamed the Azalea city! So, I adventured out to take some floral photos and came across these gorgeous Azaleas! In this video, I paint one and give you a commentary on my process. I’m new at this sort of thing, so please go easy on me! I slip up in places and […]
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Alabama Pitcher Plant ~ Paintings 2017

I tasked myself to knock out a painting for the upcoming Baykeepers annual Art of the Bay show at The Mobile Arts Council in Mobile, AL. We were given a variety of things to choose from relating to the Mobile Bay Watershed. I chose the Alabama Pitcher Plant! What a phenomenal piece of nature. I […]
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Gladiolus - Paintings 2017

Such beautiful flowers! I set out to complete this in one sitting. I was going to go back into it and tighten up some details but decided to refrain and let it rest. Thanks for watching!  
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Peppers - Paintings 2017

I sat down at my drawing table to knock out what was to be a quick oil sketch and just couldn’t do it in one sitting. I ended up having to go in twice and finish it up. That’s just how it’s going to have to be for me right now. I enjoy the small […]
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